Illustration of September 1, 2017 passing of Asteroid Florence from NASA

Picture of Asteroid Florence

Asteroid Florence Has Two Moons

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March 15, 2016 near earth asteroid 2016 EF195

Burckle Crater is a hypothesized impact site popularized by, among others, Dallas Abbott of Columbia University, as well as other members of the Holocene Impact Working Group.

Some scientists are investigating the possibility of a strike in the Indian Ocean that precipitated myths in more than hundred cultural stories of a great flood accompanying many days and nights of rain.Another interesting proposal of the Holocene Impact Working Group is of an extra-terrestrial impact around 500 A.D. Evidence of tropical biological remains in Greenland ice core samples dating to this period align with the proposal that a strike in Australia may have been responsible. Historical records in England document that by 535 A.D. a mini ice age gripped the region.

Did an asteroid strike in Australia plunge Anglo-Saxon England into a mini ice-age?